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Bury Unitarian Church



We have a thriving book-club, which meets in the coffee-lounge of the church, approximately once a month, to discuss a chosen book. At the meeting, we have a free and open discussion about the book selected for reading. Refreshments, wine and soft drinks, contributed by the members, are on offer to assist the discussion! Books are chosen randomly from proposals by members, and most are available to borrow via our group-library-membership.

There is no charge for membership; anyone with a love of books and reading is most welcome, and membership of the group is not limited to church-members. Everyone is welcome.


The next book club will meet on
Wednesday 29th May, at 7pm, in the church lounge.

We will be discussing
The Girl in the Pink Raincoat by Alrene Hughes

Some selected books are all available to download free from the Gutenberg website (


Click here for a list of books currently
requested by members of the book club members
Click here for a list of past selections
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